Mipasa / Redesign / Design System

2022 • blockchain, big data, dev tools

Mipasa 2021-2022


Data scientists use Python cells to analyze data. They load data into cells, explore it for patterns, visualize it with graphs, and run analyses to find insights. Python helps them crunch numbers and uncover hidden trends, like why sales spike in December or if hotter days mean more ice cream sold. It's like being a detective but with numbers instead of clues!

The platform's value proposition is collaboration with other data scientists, teams, comments, sharing, and communication, which can extend the boundaries of data science.


I joined the company at the open beta stage of the platform. Initially, it was built without a designer and UX specialist. If you have kids, you can imagine a room covered with Lego details. It clearly depicts the state of the project at this time.

Engineering experienced a lack of consistency, which led to a significant increase in development time. The product's quality was not as high as it could be. The platform could have been more user-friendly, and the user experience could have been smoother.

The legacy layout and components were not reusable, and the platform needed more structure and consistency. The design also required to be more flexible and responsive, and the platform needed to be ready for new features.

Mipasa 2021-2022

My starting point was like a bunch of unsorted Lego parts and components of different sizes and colors.

Mipasa 2021-2022

Old layout of the platform.


We have built a redesign strategy focused on the most critical features, functionality, and development pace problems. Our roadmap was based on the most significant impact on the user experience and development time:

  • Flexible layout
  • Design consistency
  • Removing redundancy
  • Structure and reusable components

I collaborated with the engineering team to rebuild and create new components. We have built a design system and a library of reusable components, as well as developed a new flexible layout and a responsive grid system.

Mipasa 2021-2022

The new layout allowed us to create a more flexible and responsive platform and transparently integrate new features.


The redesign process has significantly improved the user experience and the development pace. The platform has become more user-friendly and smoother, and the engineering team has experienced a significant decrease in development time.

Mipasa 2021-2022

The new layout allows easy and transparent surfing and discovery of the platform's features and functionality.

Mipasa 2021-2022

The updated development environment improved the collaboration experience and focused on analysis without noise.

Mipasa 2021-2022

Improved discoverability with command palette combined with search. Users can easily find and run commands simultaneously with a few keystrokes.


Working in a small startup is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow in an extreme environment.

I emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration with the engineering team throughout the development phase and shipping every feature and minor fix.

I want to thank customers and early adopters for their feedback and patience with my ongoing, continuous questions. I'm grateful for this experience and the opportunity to learn and grow with the team building this great platform.