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2021 • Education, experiment

Vocado, onboarding


With this concept app, I reflected on problems I faced learning English.

  • You must practice written English independently because a tutor would be expensive for such sessions; as an alternative, you can find a chat partner, but this also requires effort.
  • Vocabulary: same problems as above, you must learn, expand, and practice independently.
  • Boring and repetitive exercises.

My solution to these problems is AI customized as a chat partner to improve written English. The app also included a vocabulary of 6000 words covering everything necessary for reading, writing, and communicating.


I found it challenging to learn and expand my English vocabulary. I used a vocabulary book and managed a list of words in Google Sheets, but this method was tedious without context and zero effect.

There are many great apps for learning and improving English vocabulary, but they mostly use a predefined set of words without an option to create your own.


To address the problems mentioned above, I suggested the concept of an app that would include:

  • Predefined vocabulary with 6000 words, enough for reading, writing, and communicating
  • Word list manager so that you can create your vocabulary list and practice on it
  • AI Chat partner to practice your written English
  • Chrome extension to collect words from the web and add them to your vocabulary list
Vocado, Chrome extension
Vocado, Word list manager
Vocado, Dashboard


The concept was well received by my friends and colleagues. I received positive feedback and suggestions for additional features from random people on the internet.

Vocado, Landing page

I created a landing page to collect emails and measure interest in the app. I wanted to validate the concept before investing time and resources in development.

Vocado, App

Years later, I learned React and Next.js and started building the app. But this is a story for another time.


Working on my project was a great experience. I learned a lot about self-discipline, time management, and the importance of validating ideas before investing time and resources.

I also learned that building a product is not just about coding but also marketing, sales, and customer service.

Experimenting with a concept is a great experience and a great way to seek the potential for real business.