Vocado, 2023

The app is a simple AI chatbot for training in written English. Users can practice writing and get feedback on their grammar, style, and vocabulary. This app is my first project as a solo developer. Vocado.at

Vocado, 2023

I used these new funny dudes to create a more playful and engaging experience for the users. Learning should be fun!

Mipasa, 2023

The company is dedicated to building a comfortable platform for researchers, developers, and data scientists to create, collaborate, and publish.


Phyton notebooks is a powerful tool for data scientists, but it can be intimidating for beginners.


Data scientists use Python cells to analyze data. They load data into cells, explore it for patterns, visualize it with graphs, and run analyses to find insights.


Notebooks has a simple and intuitive interface and visual tools to help users understand the data and the code.

Vocado, 2020

A fun design project turned into a real app while I was learning English. I wanted to create a simple, fun way to practice writing and get feedback on my grammar, style, and vocabulary.

Landing page in Vocado app

With this landing page, I collected emails and feedback from visitors and used them to measure interest in the project.

Onboarding in Vocado app

Onboarding is a crucial part of the user experience.

Vocabulary list in Vocado app

Glimpse of the vocabulary list in the app. I used a simple design to make it easy to use.

Handcrafted icons for Vocado

Handcrafted icons for the app. I didn't find any suitable ones, so I made them myself.

Eiro, 2017

During my freelance, I collaborated with a team to redesign an Android app for an airline booking platform. The goal was to improve the user experience and make the booking process more intuitive and efficient.

Eiro, main screens

I designed the main screens to be simple and intuitive, focusing on the most important information. There are no distractions, just pure functionality.

Eiro, booking screen

In general, the booking process is straightforward and easy to follow. The user can select the flight, enter the passenger details, and pay for the ticket.

Separate check, concept, 2016

This is my first experience with an iOS app. I designed this app to simplify splitting the bill in a restaurant. The goal was to make it easy for users to split the bill and pay their share. The project was non-commercial.

Separate check, 2016

My goal was to transform ideas into a simple and intuitive design that would make it easy for users to split the bill and pay their share.

Separate check, 2016

My favorite part of the project was mood smile feedback. It was a fun way to express your feelings about the tip amount.

Orange, 2015-2016

The hugest project I've ever worked on (almost 2 years). I was a part of a team as a contractor to redesign the Orange TV, web and mobile app. The goal was to improve the user experience and make the platform more flexible and responsive. The project went under NDA, so I changed the actual name.

Orange, TV and mobile screens

I designed dozens of screens and features, including TV, web, and mobile. The main benefit of a small team is that I can work independently and focus on the design.

Orange, mobile, payment screens

Payment is a crucial part of the user experience. We redesigned the payment process five or six times to make it work as expected.

Surfing in movies

Mobile UX and UI are challenging because of the small screen size. But this is where I can show my skills and clarify the chaos.

Rub90, 2011

The B2B platform provides various sports betting services, including operational management of the betting company's financial and analytical reporting.

Rub90, 2011

Cashdesk is a tool for managing the betting company's financial operations. It allows users to create and manage accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, and generate reports.

Rub90, mobile 2011

Mobile version of the betting platform, which allows users to place bets, check their balance, and manage their account.